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Electronic Ant Repeller

Ultrasonic Sound Info.
The abbreviation dB = Decibel.
Definition: A unit used to express relative difference in power or intensity.

The abbreviation GHz = Gigahertz.

1 GHz is 1000 Hertz
Definition: Units of Frequency. An example of this is humans have a hearing range of 20 to 20,000 hertz.


This electronic ant repeller the

Bye Bye Ants!

ET Pest Control Special

For every 3 ET's that you buy we will give one Free!

Input 3 in the "add to cart" and check out and we will send you 4.

Target Ants by switching the ET Pest Control to High Range. This type of ant repelling dominates the competition.


This switch give you the power to change up the way the High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds come out. Hit the ants with 2 High Impact Fixed Pitches and if that doesn't work change it to the Repulsive VARIABLE/SIREN AFFECT!


This High Impact Feature repels ants deep within the walls of your home or business. No adjustments needed as it instantly goes to Work the minute your plug your ET Pest Control in.


Twin Scanning Technology helps the ET Pest Control repel ants better by offering two High Impact Angled Speakers.


The ET Pest Control uses High Impact Ultrasonic Sound specially designed to repel Ants while hitting 125dB Output and covering one of the widest GHz Ranges.


          $49.99 per unit
ET Pest Control Specifications:
100% Safe to use around Cats, Dogs, Birds, Humans, Home Appliances, Computers, Wireless Devices and much much more.

ET Pest Control Size: L=4 3/8" W=2" H=7" Inches

Power Input: 110Volt

Power Consumption: 3-4 Watts

DB Rating: >125db

Coverage in Open Area: 5000 Square Feet

Weight: 7 Ounces

ET Pest Control plugs directly into the common US plug outlets or extension cords.

We Stand by our ET Ant Control

This electronic ant repeller has been specially designed to repel ants along with many different types of Insects and Rodents. Now nothing is 100% when it comes to repelling ants, other insects and rodents. So we want to help you as much as we can by answering your questions as well as give you plenty of time on any type of a return if you are not satisfied. Check out our Guarantee "60 Day Money back guarantee"
Trust us when it comes to Ant Control the ET Pest Control just dominates most ant problems.
The ET pest Control can repel your ant problem pretty fast but if the problem seems more sever than a period of 4 to 6 weeks is required to see full positive results. "LEARN MORE HERE"


Electronic Ant Control Information in your State.

Coming Soon!

Alaska Ant Repeller
Alabama Ant Control
Arkansas Ant Repelling

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