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Ultrasonic Sound Info.
The abbreviation dB = Decibel.
Definition: A unit used to express relative difference in power or intensity.

The abbreviation GHz = Gigahertz.

1 GHz is 1000 Hertz
Definition: Units of Frequency. An example of this is humans have a hearing range of 20 to 20,000 hertz.


For all returns please Contact us at 1-480-319-4660 or e-mail at for your RA Authorization Number.

Return Address:
 D&R Technologies LLC
1300 S. Watson Rd, #114 PMB #249
Buckeye, AZ 85326

RA Numbers help us track your return. This helps the return process greatly.

When you purchase the ET Pest Control you are not only purchasing a high quality product but you're purchasing a commitment we stand by and that is a 60 day money back guarantee. our goal is that all of our customers receive the highest quality of Pest Control.

  1. Within 60 days of your purchase of product that specifies the 60 day money back guarantee you can return the product to D&R Technologies LLC. for a full refund upon inspection of product (ET Pest Control unit). ALL REFUNDS WILL BE CALCULATED TO THE ORDER AMOUNT, INCLUDING ALL DEALS.
    EXAMPLE: Buy 3 get 1 Free. If you send 3 ET's back out of the package deal you will only be refund for the average price of 4 ET Pest Controls within that deal. So 37.50 per unit.

  2. There is absolutely no refund on mailing fees unless a D&R Technologies LLC. representative has granted the shipping fee.
  3. Fees will be charged if products (ET Pest Control unit) exterior is damage.
  4. 60 day money back guarantee starts 12 days after purchase date as this fully considers the packaging and shipping time it will take to get to you.
  5. The date you purchase your product will be kept on file so we here at D&R Technologies LLC. will know the exact date you purchased.
  6. When Returning the ET Pest Control unit back to D&R Technologies LLC., you the customer are fully responsible for getting your return safely back to D&R Technologies LLC. We strongly recommend tracking your package along with insuring all returns.
  7. The ET Pest Control comes with a One Year Warranty that cover the ET Pest Control for defective parts.
  8. If something has gone wrong with the ET Pest Control unit within the year of purchase from D&R Technologies LLC., you can return your product and we here at D&R Technologies LLC. will fix the problem or either replace it with a new one.
  9. All return shipping fees must be paid by the customer but we here at D&R Technologies LLC. once we have fix the problem will pay for shipping costs back to the customer.
  10. There is no cash refund after the sixty day money back guarantee.
  11. If the ET Pest Control unit has Massive exterior damage the 1 Year Warranty Will Not Apply. A D&R Technologies LLC. technician will decide if Massive exterior damage has occurred. 


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